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Pandemic has brought (at the very least) many uncertainties these past few years for all of us. Besides affecting the lives of hundreds of millions it also had a very devastating impact on the tourism sector. When almost all international arrivals in Indonesia came to a full halt, the fight for existence for a lot of travel agencies, tour operators and people who depend on tourism started. Many reluctantly had to close down their businesses or switched immediately into survival mode as no tourists were allowed to travel and cross the borders. Finally, after two years of shut downs, travel restrictions and worries, things slowly change into a new normal and it seems that global tourism is restarting. Indonesia is no exception and the country is ready to welcome travelers again!

Indonesian Government has gradually loosened its travel regulations especially for purpose of tourism, which creates a real silver lining for travelers and business owners alike. International travelers can now travel to Indonesia again but need to comply with the provisions of the health protocol set by the Government.  The travel regulations are currently (07.04.22) as follows:

  • Proof of the negative results of an RT-PCR Test in the country of origin (Max. 2 x 24 hours).
  • Download the PeduliLindungi application on mobile phone and fill out the Indonesian e-HAC.
  • Showing the card or certificate (physical or digital) of full dose of COVID vaccine (completed at least 14 days before departure) with exceptions applied.

Important note: there will be a quick examination upon arrival after showing the negative results of the RT-PCR. This will decide whether you are allowed to continue your journey or you have to take the quarantine first. Below is the detailed regulation:

  • You are allowed to continue your journey if you have received the second or third dose of vaccine at least 14 days before departure or…
  • …if you have attached a doctor’s certificate from the Government Hospital of the country of departure stating that you have a special health condition that shows that a COVID-19 vaccination would endanger your health.
  • You are required to quarantine for 5 x 24 hours if you have not been able to get vaccinated or have only received the first dose of vaccine.
  • Travelers under age 18 and/or in need special protection shall follow the provisions imposed on their parents or caregivers/travel companions regarding the quarantine arrangement.
  • You are supposed to carry out independent health monitoring of COVID-19 symptoms for 14 days by implementing health protocols

Check the complete information here.

Furthermore, in addition to the no-quarantine rule for fully vaccinated foreign travellers, Visa on Arrival is now available for people traveling to Indonesia. At the port of entry, foreign travellers will need to present the following documents:

  • Original passport that is valid for more than 6 (six) months from the date of arrival in Indonesia
  • Returning or roundtrip flight ticket
  • Visa fee of IDR 500.000. You might need to pay in credit card/debit card/cash
  • Proof of travel insurance with minimum coverage of USD 20,000

Check the list of entry ports, countries and special entities for Visa on Arrival here

Ideally you should prepare all the documents and requirements mentioned above before starting your journey to Indonesia. Feel free to reach out if you need more information about traveling to or in Indonesia we are here to help you at every step of your way.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s explore the Wonderful Indonesia now and learn about our unique tour packages here.

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