Must-try Indonesia’s Superfood

Following the Covid-19 outbreak, healthy lifestyle has become very important to keep our immune system strong. Being mindful in what we eat is one of the main solutions to stay fit, not only during everyday life, but most importantly during traveling when we are surrounded by all that delicious food that is hard to resist.

For some, food is the reason to travel and discover the incredible Indonesian culinary. Each region across Indonesia has at least one special dish or fruit that popular among locals. And as we talk about healthy lifestyle, there are numbers of popular superfood that worth a try as you travel across Indonesia. Most of them are also vegan or vegetarian friendly. Therefore, Indonesia can be considered as heaven for you who are vegan or vegetarian as you may easily find nutritious vegan dishes across the country.

These are our five must-try Indonesia’s nutritious and delicious superfood when visiting Indonesia:

1.       Moringa

As an Indonesian, Moringa tree may remind us of our family backyard in the countryside. The tree is really common to be found around Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bali and Nusa Tenggara rural area, which we use the leaves for making clear vegetable soup – an easy and nutritious home-made dish. Nowadays, we can easily find dry moringa leaves pack in a capsule to be consumed as a multivitamin. This is due to the enormous benefits that the leaves offer. Based on 2013 study about traditional uses of Moringa Oleifera published in International Journal of Phytotherapy Research, these tiny leaves have a higher benefit than other products, such as: 7x higher Vitamin C than oranges, 10x Vitamin A higher than carrots, 15x Potassium higher than bananas, 17x more Calcium than milk, 25x more iron than spinach, and more.

2.       Tempe

This traditional fermented soybean of Indonesia, for hundred years has played essential role in Javanese societies (e.g., coconut curry tempe serves at cultural and religious ceremonies). For Indonesian, tempe is an affordable and delicious protein source that we consume daily.  As a good source of protein, iron, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium, but also low in carbs and sodium, tempe has gained popularity across the globe for the last 10 years. 

3.       Mangosteen

Even though it pronounces like Mango, but mangosteen is nothing alike. This deep-purple fruit with white colour flesh is sweet and juicy. Originally from Southeast Asia, mangosteen is known for its rich vitamins and antioxidants that protects our body from free radicals that cause oxidative stress that can lead to a host of severe medical conditions.

4.       Breadfruit

Breadfruit may no longer be very popular, especially among young generations. However, we consider this to be a must try dish to be served as a snack or as a substitute for rice or edible tuber crops. This delicious superfood is also equipped with rich nutrients of carbohydrates, fibre, antioxidants, various vitamins, calcium, and iron.

5.       Snakefruit

Behind its indelicate appearance, salak has many benefits. One of them, can stimulate the important cells to build the immune system. In addition, this firm and crunchy fruit also contains calcium, flavonoids, vitamin C, saponins, and tannins that can maintain healthy skin from within.

There are surely more delicious and nutritious food that you may find across Indonesia, make sure you let your travel specialist knows your crave and dietary restrictions prior to your arrival to Indonesia so they can suggest the best must-try Indonesia’s superfood.

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