Walking Tour


Mas-mas Village

Let’s start the journey! The tour in Mas-Mas village begins with a welcome from a local guide who will explain the interesting activities for the day, the history of the village and the cultural system and belief. During the day, you will be able to mingle with the local community and join the farmers in cultivating agriculture while witnessing beautiful rice fields stretching. Then you will have the the opportunity to observe many different types of vegetable and fruit plants grown, and we learn how to cultivate, consume and take care of it. Afterwards, we try making the ketak crafts that is made of woven grass. The craft is produced by the community to help
their livelihood. This interesting experience and educative experience should not be missed! Last but not least, we will introduce you the Mas-Mas village specialty of sweet and tasty Banana Weevil Crackers. Afterwards, we have simple yet delicious lunch together before heading to the south of Lombok.

Additional information

Mas-Mas is the perfect destination for travelers who are looking for pristine nature, local cultures, and the experience of crafting ketak woven arts. The beauty along the rice fields and the authenticity of the people is just mesmerizing. Localife is pleased to make your travel experience in a village on the island of Lombok even more meaningful and exceptional. Let's discover the natural wonders and immerse in local community.
– Local guide in Masmas
– Snacks and mineral water
– Simple lunch
– Bonggol Chips (Tester)
– Entrance fee Sade Village
– Entrance fee Selong Belanak Beach
– Local donation

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