Authentic Bonjeruk


Gear Up! The tour in Bonjeruk village begins with a welcome drink,Jamu Serbat, and performances of Gendang Baleq and the Pagar Ayu. Then let’s walk towards the Batu Jetting village. Here we will watch the art performances and gain more insight by participating in workshop activities and have a nice local lunch with the local family. After an authentic experience at Bonjeruk. We will go to Sade Village in Pujut region. Here you can see the vintage tiled roof made of tassel leaf fronds (Ijuk) traditional houses that give an immersive cultural impression as well the distinctive traditions, kindness of the locals, and diversity of Sasak culture. Afterwards, in the late afternoon we will visit Merese’ Hill. It is full of green grass that stretches out so lushly. You can relax and enjoy the wind that creates a wonderful ambiance. Then, we will drop you at the finish point as this would be the end of the journey.


Authentic Bonjeruk village

Estimated driving time: 1 hour

Additional information

Bonjeruk is a very special village for a traveler who wants to get an immersive and back-to-nature experience. This journey will give you the opportunity to learn about the local cultures, make the traditional craft, taste the local food and explore the whole village. The beauty of the rice fields as well as the warm welcome from the local community will be an unforgettable experience. Localife is pleased to make your travel experience in a village on the island of Lombok even more meaningful and exceptional.

– Local guide in Bonjeruk

– Local fruits

– Welcom Traditional herbal drink (Jamu serbat)

– Cidomo / bicycle

– Mineral water

– Simple lunch

– Local donation

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